Upodi, who?

Upodi is a subscription management software. We have made it our mission to help companies turn their business into a successful subscription business. 

We do it because we believe that a subscription-based business model creates a much better relationship between vendors and customers. And that makes it more fun to do business with each other. Isn't that just beautiful?  


We are a software-as-a-service company, but it is not just plug-and-play. We want to be your partner as well and your platform in your subscription business.

We want to help you through whatever might be difficult in handling your subscriptions, while also celebrating your wins. We will make a great team turning your business into a subscription business.

Meet the team

Rasmus Foged
CEO, Co-founder

Andreas Erlandsson
Software Developer

Stanislav Angelov
Software Developer

Uffe Toft
Business Developmet Executive

Ervins Sipcenoks
Software Developer

Michael Christensen

Frederik Vigen
Customer Succes Manager

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What we do

We help you get closer to your customers. That is the primary thing we do. How we do that demads a more technical explanation.

Our software developers designed a platform to handle everything about your subscriptions. But what does that mean? You know your offerings, they only need to be defined as subscription offerings.

You do that by defining the price and when customers should be charged e.g daily, monthly, once a year. You can make all kinds of individual terms and conditions for each subscriber to make a personalized subscription experience. 

When it’s pay-time we automatically collect the payment for you. If a failure or outstanding payments occur - we have your back, ensuring you’re getting the revenue you’ve earned. We call this the subscription lifecycle and we have experts ready to help you establish best practices to make your customers love you. 


Did you know?


Upodi was founded in 2016 by three tech tornadoes. Each of them represents a specialized area in which they are highly experienced: Business, Sales, Marketing and IT. Together they make the perfect team to drive a SaaS-company in an accelerating subscription world. 

Why 'Upodi'?

'Upendo' means 'love' on Swahili. 'Utopia' means 'an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect' on English. 'Upodi' means nothing like that. It's just a pretty good name. Got troubles with the pronunciation? You're not the first. But give it a try.

The team

Upodi makes a team of highly motivated and dedicated people with various backgrounds both in terms of education and home country. From Denmark, Sweden, Latvia to Russia and Canada we work together as a great team - and we have great fun doing it!

Upodi: (you) - (poh) - (di)