Subscription customers

Customers demand seamless exclusivity and personalized benefits in their buying experience.
It has to be easy, convenient and recurring to make their life easier. That is exactly what subscription customers are.
Subscription customers are long-term customer relationships who provides a recurring revenue for your business. 
Upodi helps you monetize your subscription customers in our subscription management software
- empowering your subscription business to scale. 

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Subscription Customer Lifecycle

Upodi takes care of your customers at every step in their lifecycle ensuring a long and happy subscription to your service.

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When a customer signs up for your service, this is the first step towards a long & happy relationship in your subscription business. 

  Subscription          management

Every customer is special. Making different plans, terms and conditions is a good way to make you subscribers feel exclusive. 


You decide how much and when you customers should pay. Upodi integrates with your ERP solution making correct invoicing easy.


We take care of charge claims, reclaims and dunning all auto-matically to ensure that your customers are paying every time. 

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Subscription benefits

Every department benefits from a good subscription management system. 


Want to see your business scale without adding any risks or extra resources? A subscription economy enables your company to grow stabile and fast empowering you to build a strong growth strategy for the future. 

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Do you dream about secure cashflows, automated billings and compliant controls? A subscription based business model gives you all the safety you have ever dreamed of by providing a predicable revenue. 

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Your job is to build and maintain a subscription management software. But what if it is already here. Easy to integrate with your ERP & CRM and API’s are ready too. Your job will be so much easier when you have a solid foundation you can trust.

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Let’s say you work within sales and marketing; imagine all the delicious data and actionable insigts created from long-term customers that enables you do high class communication for new and current customers. 

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