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Are you in control of your company or are your company in control of you?

Tobias Binau

Are you in control of your company or are your company in control of you?

When we talk subscribers, many people think of mobile and the internet - and maybe Netflix, Spotify and fitness?


Classic subscription schemes where we pay and fast bend once a month, and then a form for goods or services is delivered.


But that's not how all subscriptions is. Some are paid annually, some semi-annually and some quarterly. Also, it is not necessarily the same amount billed each time, it can be dynamic based on many parameters such as usage (how many songs you listen to on your spotify) number of users (how many log in to the same spotify account) or something completely third.


In the case I will describe now, Upodi was contacted by a company where parts of the above were true - Annual billing and the amount was determined by the number of users. HOW should they be able to anticipate MRR (monthly recurring revenue), ARR (Annual recurring revenue) and Customer User Development?


It was impossible to get an overview of the company's key figures, or if not impossible, at least incredibly time-consuming and manual.


Another challenge was the prorations, which you can read more about here.


Fortunately, Upodi had the tools that allowed the company to get much better control of their key figures.


Upodi's KPI dashboards don't care when and how much you bill, you can get key figures based on your exact billing intervals and actual number of users on the platform with associated up / down user count proportions.


Now our customer can see both processed and scheduled income - and as a bonus, it is all accrued in the financial system.


It's smart - and easy!


Author: Tobias Binau

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