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Can your customers press hold on their subscriptions?

Jakob Soderberg

Can your customers press hold on their subscriptions?

How easy is it for your customers to press hold on their subscription?


Recently, Tien Tzou whi is CEO and founder of American/Chinese Zuora has an exciting update.


See the update here


The feature most used by Zuora's customers in April 2020 (Corona - Lock Down) was: "Put subscription on hold" or pause subscription.


That's interesting, because studies show that if you give customers the option to pause the subscription, you can reduce your churn by 15% (1 in 6 pauses instead of unsubscribing and subsequently re-activates the subscription).


So the question is: how easy is it for your customers to pause their subscription?


If it is difficult, then the chance of them dismissing their subscription is quite high and then it is harder to execute a win-back strategy.


The challenge often lies within the technology, as the technology provides you with limits and it is a shame. By choosing a 100% dedicated subscription platform like American: Zuora or Danish: Upodi, you make it easy for yourself to offer your customers really good customer service.


Many good subscription experts (Søren, Jonas, Andreas, Morten etc.) in Denmark have described how important it is to be able to pause their subscription - or cancel it easily and effortlessly.


How easy is it for your customers? Can you do anything better?


If interested in having a 100% dedicated subscription platform, where your customers will get a great customer service – Let’s talk!


Author: Jakob Soderberg

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