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Dunning – what happens when payments does not follow through?

Jakob Soderberg

Dunning – what happens when payments does not follow through?

One of the key elements of a healthy subscription business is (not surprisingly) paying customers.

No matter how good a service you provide - whether it is SaaS, physical goods, access to a membership club or something fourth – it happens that payments fail. What do you do?

The answer to that question lies in your dunning process. What happens when your customers' payments fail?

The short answer to the question is: you decide it yourself. And in the most modern subscription management platforms, you have the ability to control the flow of your payment when a fail occur.

There is a lot of different things that can happen. It depends on your business, your customers, the service you provide and many other good factors.

With Upodi you get completely free reins to set up a dunning flow that fits into your business and ensures you are not hit by the technical churn *. 

*) customers who leave you for reasons other than your product or service. For example, a failed payment.



In the vast majority of cases of incorrect payments - it is the technique that teases. Therefore, it might make sense to be a little "large" and just try a few times before closing the service. It could also be that your service is so vital to your customers that you could jeopardize their existence by shutting down too quickly? There are many factors to consider and we have some experience with this - please ask us for advice.

Would you like to have complete control over your dunning flow and processes - then let's have a talk


Author: Jakob Soderberg

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