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Get going with our brilliant idea

Jakob Soderberg

Get going with our brilliant idea

❓ Do you know this?


💡 You have a brilliant idea. [your brilliant idea] on subscription!

You just need a website, a payment solution and a subscription engine, and you're ready to:


- get in the air,

- harvest members and

- deliver long-term value


You write on various forums to hear if anyone can help you.


It's there.




A lot of people can help with a website.


A lot can help you with a payment solution.


Not a lot can help with a subscription engine - but there are a few


[rewind 3-6 maybe even 9 months ahead]


Your good idea is still not launched.



You are stranded in plugins, web shop builds, package provider integrations, promo codes that do not work, limited payment options, etc. - and you have found that "subscription" is not as simple as it sounds.


We also think that is irritating.


That is why SUMOstudio and Upodi have worked closely together to deliver the magic beans that transform you and your idea from an idea to a reality! Fast, efficient and scalable. 🚀🚀


Is it you?


Shall we talk? Click here and let's have a chat!

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Author: Jakob Soderberg

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