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Meet - Rasmus Foged!

Rasmus is the CEO of Upodi and is dedicated to making Upodi the #1 European subscription management SaaS solution. He has a large range of skills and is always ready to help out in each department of Upodi. He is all about having a great team and focus on lifting each member to the highest level and having a great social environment. Lastly he is a great example of turning your dreams into reality.

Fun fact: When Rasmus is not taking care of business, employees, partners, customers and everything else related to being the CEO he enjoys movies and especially movie themes. If you want to know anything related to Hans Zimmer - Rasmus is your guy. He pretty much knows everything about Mr. Zimmer. Literally, everything! Try him.

Meet - Jakob E. Soderberg!

Jakob is our Chief Revenue Officer and has been with us since august 2019. He loves to talk about subscription models and spends most of his time talking to potential customers, who are either starting a subscription business or existing businesses in the transformation phase from a transaction based business model to creating long lasting relationships with customers.

Fun fact: He can talk for hours on topics like Cooper, his labra doodle dog, plant based diets and american craft beer. 





Meet  - Tobias Binau

Tobias is the Senior Sales Executive at Upodi, and has been since the start of 2020. Most of the time he works out of our office in Copenhagen Matrikel1. From the beginning he has been true team player and a hard worker and still is! He is full of great ideas and always ready to push the boundaries.

Fun fact: You know the time, when you are a teenager and you could eat enormous amounts of food? Tobias still got that ability, at his last job he even got the title "Most hungry employee of the year"! 

Meet - Simon Lind

Simon is the Customer Success Manager at Upodi, and has been a part of the team since September 2019. He ensures that Upodi exceeds the expectations of our clients both technical and practical together with the rest of the Customer Success Team. He finds great satisfaction in helping ends meet, making him a remarkable player in this team.

Fun fact: Simon has a soft spot for both hard rock and Taylor swift music... but he prefers to listen to them separately





Meet - Lasse Rønn

Lasse is our Product and Customer Experience Manager and a part of our Customer Success team. Lasse has been working at Upodi since Maj 2018. He is fluent in both "business" and "developer" language, which makes him the perfect match for his position, as he creates a link between product and customers, without anything getting lost in "translation".

Fun fact: Lasse loves board games, and owns 50+ at home. 

Meet - Thomas Leschley Andersen

Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer at Upodi, which makes him a part of our development team. He joined the team in October 2020. He is eager to make use of his knowledge and skills to help Upodi together with his teammates. Lastly, he does not shy away from any challenges, which makes him an awesome team member. 

Fun fact: Thomas is born and raised with kite-surfing as an important part of the family tradition. Stay tuned for a company kite-surfing event with skilled instructors (aka. Thomas and family) - AND epic fail pictures. That's going to be fun.





Meet - Ervins Sipcenoks!

Ervins is a Software developer at Upodi, and has been since August 2017. This makes him an important part of our incredible development team. He is a hard worker and strives to do his best and solve whatever challenge given to him. He is also a great team member, and always ready to help the other developers.

Fun fact: When Ervins is not writing code or talking about Latvia he spends most of his time drawing, doing 3D modelling and digital sculpting.

Meet - Stanislav Angelov!

Stan is a Software Engineer at Upodi, and part of our development team. He has been working at Upodi since October 2017, where he started as a 0 experience student. However, Stan is a hard worker and fast learner and he is always eager to learn more and become even better at his job. Furthermore he is always ready to help out his colleagues. Great team spirit.

Fun fact: Stan loves skating (mostly longboarding, but not only), Martial arts (eastern) and practice both activities semi-regularly.... yet despite that, he manages to be unable to "get in shape", since in parallel of that he also love cakes!





Meet - Osman Toplica!

Osman started working at Upodi this January as a Senior Software Engineer. Osman is a hard worker, and strives to learn and become even better. Combined with his open-mind and curiosity, he is a remarkable player to have on our team. Furthermore he brings a lot of good energy and funny comments to the office, for all to enjoy.

Fun fact: Osman is very flexible, and will argue that he is more flexible than most women (and can do a split)... He has also developed his own app in 2016, which gives you two virtual dices ready to play games at any time - pretty cool and convenient! 

Meet - Mette Nors Mortensen!

Mette takes care of everything marketing related as Marketing Manager at Upodi. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and strives to deliver above and beyond on each assignment. Mette joined the team way back in November 2019. 

Fun fact: Mette likes a good spoiler (like when Jon Snow was not really dead, when GOT portrayed it that way) 





Meet Emil Selch!

Emil is an intern and started his internship in August. He will be located in Copenhagen as a part of the sales team for 8 months (and beyond?) in relation to his education at CPH Business Academy. He is eager to get out and use the material from class to help Upodi grow even further in the right direction (to infinity).


Fun Fact: Emil has a deep love for especially two things… watches and Popcorn! (not really related, but relatable...)

Meet Sigga Pedersen!

Sigga is an intern and will be a part of the Upodi sales team in Copenhagen. She started her internship in August and will be working at Upodi for 8 months as part of her education (and hopefully beyond?). Sigga is currently studying at CPH Business Academy and will finish her education after the internship. She is ready to take all the academic knowledge and put it to action at Upodi.


Fun Fact:  Sigga is ready to trade her boyfriend with the office dog “Cooper” if Coopers father gave them permission (.... understandable, look at him below). 





The last team member for now... is Cooper!

He is a great dog that occasionally comes by the office to make sure the team spirit is high and to support his hard working colleagues. He bring a lot of energy and toys to play with to make sure all of his colleagues will have a good time!

Fun fact: Cooper loves to use his nose and dreams secretly of being part of a SWAT-team helping lawenforcement discovering explosives and other hazardous materials.

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