We scale recurring billing with you.
We unlock unlimited subscription scale.

We take care of your subscription management, while you take care of your new business growth.


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Put your subscriptions on auto-pilot

We take care of your subscription management, while you take care of your new business growth.

  • Integrates seamless with leading financial and acocunt solutions.
  • Elimitating the possbility of human errors.
  • Adapting to changing market focus.

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On-Demand billing

Orchestrate flexible charges with one-off payments or recurring revenue with volume- or tier-based pricing plans. Pay using credit card (VISA, Mastercard), debit direct or manual invoicing.

Connected subscriptions

Connect your finance directly to our recurring billing & subscription platform, reduce the time spend on double efforts and errors. Design your invoices and regain control of your brand.

Easy onboarding

Integrate fast and effortlessly. Our simple API's enable you to onboard in hours, not days, reducing the internal hours building infrastructure and allowing more resources to build product.

Simple auto-pilot.
Limitless scale.

We automate your subscription management to effeciently secure, retain and grow your revenue.

  • Our platform growth with your company.
  • Making your business fit to scale.
  • Reduce time and resources spent.

Empowering product managers

Once you're set up, you can create and manage subscriptions and invoices - and view detailed financial reports-directly from the dashboard.

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Less admin.
More vision.

We automate your manual work of subscription bookkeeping and payment tracking.

  • Spend more time on what matters in your business.
  • Efficient and accurate revenue reporting.
  • Less worry and wasted time.

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More ways to pay

Upodi provides various options of payment, directly integrated and available.
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